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Friday, April 2, 2010

The 3rd Covenant, by David Brollier, now only $5.99

Isn't life funny? When my book was published in 2006 the suggested retail price was set at $24.95. At their site, however, the price was $19,95. Then a couple of weeks ago they lowered all books to $7.99. Now I don't know if this is signalling the end for Publish America, but if you want to purchase THE 3RD COVENANT, now is the best time, because they've dropped it down even lower to $5.99. Read below and use the link to go to the site and purchase the book.

Dear Author:
Email your readers, tell your fans, call your friends! This weekend only.
All books at PublishAmerica are priced down to
No coupons, no minimum purchase volumes. Just $5.99 for any book, in any quantity.
Want some copies of your own book on hand? This is your day!
Check it out at Hardcovers and fullcolor books excluded.
Happy Easter!
PublishAmerica Author Support Team

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