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Friday, August 24, 2007

Only One God

Interestingly enough there are three major religious groups that believe in only one Supreme God over all; they are Islam, Judaism and Christianity. I've purposely juggled the order there so you don't know which I favor. The fact is that "religion" is man-made. As such it is opposed to God, but we will get to that in a minute.

Eastern religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism all believe in many gods. (Buddhists may argue this point. If they do, concede you don't know enough and move on. Don' let them pin you into a debate.) I have met people who believe in the Norse gods, as well as pagans who believe in "the lord and lady" a duality over a pantheon of demi-gods. There literally isn't room for me to mention all the religions, much less all the various gods these people worship.

The question then is who is right? I find it unique that those believing in many gods are willing to accept other religions that believe in many gods. For instance, Buddhists are tolerant of Hindus, yet both are very intolerant of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Why is that? Is there something about us that puts them off? Maybe it's the way we dress. Whatever it is they are not about to wander into the land of only one god, for that would mean they would have to admit their gods are false.

The thing is, when they are intolerant of monotheistic religions (religions believing in one God), they are actually affirming this to be true. Let me explain. I'm a mystery writer so I like all that CSI stuff. Suppose a CSI working a crime scene comes across a foot print. He looks at it and says, "Looks like a large foot, maybe a size 14." The detective says, "No, that's a size 12 at best." Does the CSI argue the fact. Do they spend the next decade arguing what size boot the foot print left? No! The CSI takes a ruler out of his crimescene kit, lays it along side the print and takes a photograph. He later compares that measurement with a chart of shoe sizes. Whatever he comes up with is what he has to go with, because he knows that is correct. So, when a polytheist (person who believes in more than one god) comes up against the Truth, they argue, not because they think they are right, but because they know they are wrong. Their argument is the ruler next to the foot print. Biblical text tells the correct answer. They can't live with that answer so they try to argue against it.

I don't want non-Christians to think I'm picking on them, because I'm really not. I'm just pointing out a truth. Here's another truth that speaks to those in religions, even Christian religions. Have you let something come between you and God? Is He the first and last thought of your day? Do you really "... love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind"? (Matthew 22:37) If your answer is "No" or "Not all the time" then you too are guilty of worshiping a God other than the true and Living God. You are a lawbreaker and we haven't even gotten out of the 1st Commandment yet.

So, what are some of these idols we worship? What are the names of some of these false gods? They may surprise you.
1. Self - this is the ultimate false god and from it stems all others
2. Money - having money is okay, it is when we love it that it becomes a god.
3. Things - the same with money, there is nothing wrong with having things, but when things have you, then they are your gods.
4. Family - People don't like to see this in my list of false gods, but if family is more important to you than God then they are false gods.
I'm sure you get the point. You could go on and on, adding to this list the various desires and things that have come between your fellowship with God at on point or another. These, all of them, are false gods. The worship of them is an abomination to the Lord.

Now let me ask you something else. Suppose you have truly repented of your sins and asked Jesus as your Lord and Savior. You have realized that you need a Savior, because without Him you are nothing but a filthy sinner in the eyes of God. One who rightly deserves death. Yet, now Jesus has become your payment for that death sentence. What does it say if you turn back to your old idols of money, things, family, friends, fame, house, position, and so on? What does this say to God Almighty who has purchased you with the blood of His Son?

You see, we must always keep the Commandments of God before us that we might walk a straight path and not wander into darkness and wrath.

David Brollier